Sharpening Process

From the time we recieve your shipment of blades and/or grooming shears, we will handle your equipment as if it was our own.  Our professional process ensures our consistent service and your complete satisfaction.

1.  We inspect the shipping container for any damage.

2.  A detailed list is made of all items shipped.  

3.  We inspect each item and note any damage or unusual wear.

4.  Each blade is then taken apart and inspected again.

5.  The blade or shear is then sharpened.

6.  Each blade is hand cleaned.

7.  The blades are reassembled and adjusted.

8.  Each item is tested for proper alignment and cutting.

9.  Each item is oiled.

10. Upon a final inspection, any notations regarding your equipment are noted on your invoice.

11. Each item is individually wrapped and prepared for shipment.

12. Return shipping is by USPS.

Our goal is to sharpen and return your blades and shears to you as quickly as possible.