We Love Pet Groomers!

We are fully aware that there is very little personal sharpening service available to you in your profession.  Many sharpening professionals would rather be sharpening beauty and barber shears for a lot more money.  We will gladly sharpen your shears at your location and pick up your clipper blades and ship them back to you.  Rest assured we will take more time and do a superior job, we guarantee it!

I recently called on a pet shop which was owned by a young woman and her husband.  Rightly so, they were very money conscious.  I sharpened 30+ clipper sets for her.  The next time I talked to her, she said she was going to start having me do her shears also.  She quickly realized that there is a difference in the quality of sharpening, even on clipper blades.  Please consider giving Sharpen My Shears a try.  You won't be sorry!

We charge $6 per clipper blade set.  If you have 5 or more we pay the return shipping to you.  Grooming shears are generally $12 per pair.  We hone blades and shears to minimize the amount of metal that is actually being removed to establish a new bur.  The end result is that your blades and shears are sharper and will last longer.

We also sell a full line of Oster pet grooming products!