Sharpening Rates

 At Sharpen My Shears, we understand that sharp shears are essential for your business.  When you put off sharpening your equipment, you not only make your job harder and hurt your efficiency, you also risk symptoms associated with carpal tunnel syndrome.  We sharpen with only the finest equipment as well as provide helpful training and tips that will not only increase the life of your shears, but also the length of your career.  In a nutshell, keep your shears sharp!

Use this rate chart to determine the appropriate cost.  If you any questions regarding our pricing or for large quantity discounts, please contact us.

Beauty shears                $ 25.00 

Clipper blade set                   $   6.00

Beveled-Edge Barber Scissors$ 12.00

Household shears                           $   7.00

Fabric shears                                  $   7.00

Return shipping is free for 2 or more shears

Return shipping is free for 6 or more clipper sets